Monday, November 15, 2010

Tournament List and Results

Well, I attended a 1500 point tournament at Pair-A-Dice (paradise, I get it now!) Games in Vista, CA.  I went 3-1, which was good enough for 4th (ties were broken by KP's) and a $30 gift card.  The venue was nice, the store had enough room for 4 tables, and set up 3 more in a vacant storefront next door.  The terrain was pretty sparse, and not much blocked LoS completely (at least on the tables I played on).  I must be getting spoiled playing all my games at the LA Battle Bunker, where there's an abundance of GW scenery.  Still, it wasn't terrible, but it was an adjustment.

The store seemed to have a pretty tight-knit group of players, as my two friends and I were the only individuals people didn't recognize.  All of my opponents were friendly, and I thoroughly enjoyed each game.  The more I play Dark Eldar, the more I like them.

Here's the 1,500 point list I ended up bringing:

Heamonculi w/ liquifier
5 Incubi w/ Klaivex in Raider (flickerfields)
4 Trueborn w/ blasters in Venom (Extra cannon)
20 Warriors w/ 2 Splinter Cannons
10 Wyches w/ 2 Shardnets & Hekatrix w/ Agonizer in Raider (ff)
5 Wracks w/ liquifier in Raider (ff)
5 Wracks w/ liquifier in Venom (Extra cannon)
3 Ravagers w/ night shields and flickerfields (3 Dissy, 6 DL)

  • Trueborn and Venoms were my MVP's.
  • Wyches performed well in theory, but poor leadership rolling lead them to run away from every combat they were in - even though they usually only lost by one.  
  • The large Warrior squad played well in practice games, but with nowhere to hide them they struggled to get things going.
  • Incubi were solid as always (played 4 MEQ armies)
  • Wracks didn't often get out of their vehicles unless they were shot out, but offer a good way to deal with devestator and other small Marine squads. 
I didn't get to take any pictures, but maybe later I'll post the details of the wacky missions and some pseudo battle reports.

Next up I'll be playing in a 1,850 RTT this Sunday at The Realm in Brea, CA.

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