Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dark Eldar Test Run

Greetings!  I ran two trial games using the new Dark Eldar rules last night (from best memory).  Don't have time for a detailed write-up, but I must say I was impressed.  I tied against both Chaos and Blood Angels using a pretty tame Dark Eldar list.

2 Haemonculi; liquifier gun, agonizer

2x5 Wracks; liquifier gun, champion upgrader with agonizer
2x10 Wyches; 2xshardnet & impaler, champion upgrade with agonizer
-Mounted in 4xRaiders; night shields, flicker fields

6xJetbikes; 2 blasters

2xRavagers; 3 DL, flicker fields, night shields
1xRavager; 3 Dissy, flicker fields, night shields

-The combination of Wracks and Wyches worked fantastically.  2 Flamer templates, 10 splinter pistols and a bunch of agonizer & poison attacks would erase a Marine squad.
-Wyches were good at bogging down Marine squads on their own - but suffered against assault marines with IC's attached.
-Flicker fields are going to appear on all my vehicles.  Night shields were beneficial too; especially against melta's. 
-I don't know how to use Jetbikes effectively yet :(
-Ravagers still put out a good amount of firepower.  Disintegrators may have been nerfed, but they still kill 4+ Marines a turn when mounted on a Ravager.

Next week I'm going to try some standard Warriors and see how poison shooting works out :)