Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Footslogging Dark Eldar WWP List

Howdy everybody!  I'm feeling pretty comfortable with my mechanized Dark Eldar list.  I win more games than lose, but haven't been able to find the right combination to make it a truly lethal list.  Kill Point missions in particular have been my downfall.  To help exercise my creative juices, I'm going to try running a WWP footslogging list against both Mech Guard and Blood Angels.  While I doubt that I'll be running a full foot list in any competitive event, I'm hoping to figure out a way to pool the best from both list types in order to create a new personal tier of Dark Eldar list.

On to the list...

3 Heamonculi (2 WWP, 3 VB) - 235

5 Harlequins (Shadowseer, 2 Fusion Pistol) - 140
10 Grotesques - 350

2x10 Wracks (2 Liquifier, Acothyst) - 260
2x10 Warriors (Syrabite, Cannon, Blaster) - 250

4 Beast Masters (5 Khymera, 6 Razorwing) - 198
4 Beast Masters (5 Khymera, 6 Razorwing) - 198

Talos (Chain Flails, Heat Lance)- 120
Talos (Chain Flails, Heat Lance)- 120
Talos (Chain Flails, Heat Lance)- 120

Total: 1,991

Here's how I envision the list working...

Two Heamonculi start with the Harlequins (so they can't get shot at first turn via Veil of Tears).  They'll deploy in a line formation 2" apart so the Heamonculi should be starting around 10-12" apart.  During my first turn, one detaches and move 6" toward my deployment / home objective.  The other moves with the Harlequins 6" up towards the enemy.  This gives me two portals that should be anywhere from 18-24" apart - I want them close enough so if my opponent tries to be smug and block one, the stuff coming out of the other can rain on his parade.  If they block both, then stuff coming in from the board edge should reach him as well.

Acothysts are there for the +1 Ld - I may give them a Venom Blade or Agonizer in the long run just haven't decided yet.

The third Heamonculi starts with the Grotesques.  More Heamonculi will join up with them or my foot Warriors (granting them FNP).  In general, Wracks will move towards my opponents objective, while Warriors will play defense.

I clearly don't have the ranged anti-tank required to take on most armies, but 2 Beast units, Grotesques and 3 Talos should minimize that.  If I find that CC doesn't do it for me I'll try investing in Scourges and Jetbikes to get as many mid-range anti-tank weapons as possible.

Call me a nerd but I also like the fluff, given that Harlequins are masters of the Web-Way and all.

Like I said, this probably won't develop into my competitive list or replace my mechanized list.  I am hoping that by running a list like this it opens my eyes to new unit combinations in the Codex.

Thoughts?  Has anyone out there successfully run a WWP list with the new Codex?  Or has anyone developed a list that is truly lethal even in KP missions?  Please share!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dark Eldar: Battle Summary

Well, no detailed battle report as promised, but I did get a chance to test my Dark Eldar against my buddies Blood Angels.  Next time there will be pictures - I promise!

The main difference in the list from the ones in the past is having only four Troop choices, but making those choices strong.  This list was originally e-mailed to me by my friend Larry over at HERO's Gaming Blog, as a creative solution to combine what has worked for us individually in the new Codex.  I just edited it slightly to suit my taste.

Mission: Seize Ground (5 objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

Dark Eldar Roster:
Vect - 240
2 Heamonculi (2 Liquifier, 2 Venom Blade) - 130

3 Trueborn (Venom SC, 3 Blaster) - 146
3 Trueborn (Venom SC, 3 Blaster) - 146
3 Trueborn (Venom SC, 3 Blaster) - 146

8 Wyches (Raider FF, Hekatrix: Agonizer) - 180
9 Wyches (Raider FF, Hekatrix: Agonizer) - 190
10 Wracks (Raider FF, 2 Liquifier, Acothyst: Agonizer) - 220
10 Wracks (Raider FF, 2 Liquifier, Acothyst: Agonizer) - 220

1 Ravager (NS, FF) - 125
1 Ravager (NS, FF) - 125
1 Ravager (3 Dissy, NS, FF) - 125

Total: 1,993
20 KP
Army Notes: Vect and Heamonculi go with one Wych squad, the other Heamonculi rides with the other Wych squad.  FNP FTW.

Opponent List (from memory):
1 Librarian - Jump Pack, Inerfnos Pistol - 140
1 Librarian - Jump Pack, Inerfnos Pistol - 140

1 Priest - Jump Pack, Power Weapon - 90
1 Priest - Jump Pack, Power Weapon - 90
5 Terminators - 4 LC, 1 TH/SS - 205

10 Assault Marines - Power Fist, 2 Melta Guns - 235 (combat squad)
10 Assault Marines - Power Fist, 2 Melta Guns - 235 (combat squad)

1 Land Speeder - Missile Launcher - 90
10 Vanguard Veterans - Jump Packs, 1 Powerfist Upgrade - 325

10 Devestators - 2 ML, 2 LC - 240 (combat squad)
10 Devestators - 4 ML - 210 (combat squad)
Total: 2,000
KP: 11 (15 with combat squads)

  • I knew that with 5 objectives, my mobility and ability to move 24" put me at an advantage.  My opponent wisely opted to combat squad his Assault Marines, giving him 4 options to capture objectives.
  • My opponent wins the roll to go first.  He deployed both Devestator squads (4 squads total), 2 combat squads of Assault Marines, and his Land Speeder.  Everything is in cover.
  • I deploy as far back into my corner as possible, just in case Vect failed to seize.  Raiders in front, Venoms and Ravagers behind.  I roll a 5 to seize, and Vect already comes in handy.
Turn 1:
  • I turbo everything up, getting into position.  A straggling Ravager takes 3 potshots at an Assault Squad but fails to do anything.
  • My opponent moves up his Assault Marines - one towards my main force, another towards an objective. 
  • His shooting is able to wreck both Wrack Raiders and blow the weapon off a Wych Raider.
Turn 2:
  • I continue to move into position and conduct my shooting.  I take out the majority of a Dev squad and the forward Assault squad.  Vect gets out of the Raider (Wyches stay in), and wipes out a Devestator squad in assault.
  • My opponent gets his Vanguard and one Assault squad in (along with Librarian and Priest).  His shooting takes out a Ravager and immobilizes both Wych Raiders.  His Vanguard assault my Wracks and we stay locked in combat.  
Turn 3:
  • I focus my fire on his remaining Land Speeder and Devestator squads.  Wyches get out, one squad joins up with Vect, while the other moves towards the Devestators.  Heamonculi detatch and attempt to Liquify stuff. Vect's squad rolls a 1 for fleet and shuffles around in place.  The other squad gets a 4 and engages (and wipes) 2 remaining Devestators.  Wracks and Vanguard still locked!
  • He gets another Assault squad, Librarian and Priest.  His shooting takes out another Ravager and 2 Wyches from Vects entourage.  Wracks win combat vs Vanguard and chase them down.  Bad rolling for the opposition. They consolidate towards an objective.
Turn 4:
  •  Shooting takes out some Devestators and Assault Marines.  Vect and his Wyches assault a Devestator squad, the other Wych squad assaults the other.  Vect makes short work of the Devestators, while the other Wyches win by 1 and stay locked in combat.  I consolidate Vect and Co. towards an objective.
  • His Terminators finally come in and drop between 3 objectives.  His Assault Marines take out a Ravager with shooting and close combat. His other Assault Marines take out a Venom, but the Trueborn inside don't get pinned.
  • Going in to turn 5, I had 2 Venoms/Trueborn remaining, along with both Wrack squads, both Heamonculi, both Wych squads and Vect.  My opponent had 2 Assault Marine squads, 2 Priests, 2 Librarians, and a lone Assault Marine sitting on an objective.
Turn 5:
  • The store is closing so this is our last turn.  One Venom with Trueborn aboard zoom over to contest an objective held by Assault Marines / Priest / Librarian.  Another Venom + Trueborn moves into position to unload on the Termies.  Wyches stay put on the objective but Vect fleets out, and is ready to engage the Terminators.  He kills 3 on the charge and makes all of his 2+ saves.
  • This game came down to my opponents inability to move through difficult terrain fast enough to assault me and potentially move me off objectives.  If he would have rolled better, it could have been a whole different end result.  He is able to wreck the contesting Venom, but the Trueborn stay put - able to contest.  Vect wiped the Termies and rolls a 6 for consolidation - putting him in position to contest the final objective.
  • Objective one: Wracks and Assault Marines contest
  • Objective two: Trueborn and Assault Marines contest
  • Objective three: Controlled by Wracks
  • Objective four: Controlled by Wyches
  • Objective five: Vect and Assault Marine contest
  • Final: 2-0 in favor of Dark Eldar
Post-Battle Thoughts:
  • Absdrubael Vect is a BEAST.  Most of the time I broke him away from his Wych unit and just let him go to work - and go to work he did.  On his own he took out two 5-man Devestator squads and a Terminator squad.
  • 10-man Wrack squads are rock solid and a good option to hold objectives.
  • Dark Eldar vehicles are as fragile as can be.  It's important to have stuff inside that can withstand a few turns of shooting (i.e. 10-man squads with FNP).
  • As mentioned above, Dark Eldar vehicles are fragile.  Spend your first two turns getting things where they need to be so when they DO get shot out, they don't have far to go.  Any vehicles that are alive during the last few turns can zip around to contest.

P.S. If you're interested in checking out a full batrep of my Dark Eldar in action against Eldar, check out my friends blog post about it here

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to: From Warriors to Wracks

So a few weeks back I put up a picture of my converted Wracks.  Here's a step by step guide on how they were transformed from Warriors to Wracks.

Step 1: Materials
To make a Wrack you need the (1) pony tail warrior head, (2) the splinter pistol arm and knife bit, (3) a warrior body & legs, (4) the close combat weapon arm and (5) the spike headdress bit.

Step Two: Slice and Dice
(1) Cut off the pony tail.
(2) Cut off the splinter pistol above the hand.  Cut the knife bit above the handle.
(3) Shave off any spikes on the legs (if desired - not shown here).
(4) Leave the close combat arm as is.
(5) Cut the headdress 3 spikes down from the top.

Step Three: Glue!!!
Step Four: Repeat!!!
Step Five: Liquifier and optional poses

For the Liquifier I did everything the same, except cut off the hand holding the Splinter Pistol after cutting off the top half of the Splinter Pistol.  I then trimmed the edges of the Splinter Pistol in order to fit into the arm of the poor, poor Wrack.  The same could be done with the knife bit in order to give the Wracks a more deformed look.

I'm still of the opinion that the best Wrack conversions are going to involve WHFB Tomb King Ghoul and Zombie bits, but if you have an abundance of extra Warrior sprues this method provides a cheap alternative.