Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dark Eldar Dynamic Duo's

 Do Dark Eldar have any dynamic duo's ala Eldar's Eldrad & Avatar / Yriel?  I think there are a few worth exploring...

Baron / Vect:
I mentioned this one in a previous post, but by granting you a +1 to go first and 4+ to seize, these two should be at the core of any dedicated alpha strike army.  Supported by a unit of Hellions and Raider / Darklight spam, this army should be designed to unload a devastating round of first turn shooting and have some support elements ready to be in assault on turn 2.

Duke / Succubus or Lelith:
Re-rolling combat drugs can be game changing.  While Lelith is the most logical choice to lead a Wych Cult, only the Succubus actually benefits from the combat drugs.  Think 2-3 Wych squads mounted in Raiders, supported by Ravagers and at least one unit of Warriors / Trueborn with a Splinter focus. 3+ to hit and 3+ to wound thanks to the Duke can be devestating.

The other HQ / Elites option I've heard numerous people mention is the Clone Field HQ supported by Bloodbrides with 2+ Shardnets & Impalers.  This guarantees that 3-5 attacks against the HQ in question are completely ignored, allowing them to essentially go untouched in close combat.

Do any Dark Eldar players out there have some dynamic duo's they've had success with?

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