Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Eldar Project

 While we're on the topic of projects, I figured I might as well discuss my Eldar project as well.  I recently sold my painted 2nd / 3rd edition Biel Tan Eldar army and currently have a mound of Eldar ready for paint.  Some has never been painted, other stuff I got off eBay or Bartertown and need the Simple Green treatment.  I'm going to start with the Saim Hann portion, which will be followed by Iyanden and Harlequins.

While I'm not the most skilled painter in the world, I think making the effort to get a painted army out on the tabletop is important.  I subscribe to the (outlandish) theory that painted models perform better.  Whether its true or not, who knows, but having two painted armies duke it out enhances enjoyment for both player.

I guess the question for my non-existent readers is should I paint the whole army to match the Saim Hann scheme, or have separate Iyanden and Harlequin themed portions?  The downside is that when I mix and match, it'll be obvious - half the army is yellow and blue, the other half black and red.  The upside is that I can have super fluffy armies that are painted accordingly.


Read more for army lists

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nice Little Article...

Nice little article I came across on the Space Wolves blog on Choosing a Warhammer 40k Army.

I've kind of followed this strategy with my Eldar, and will be implementing it with Dark Eldar as well.  If you focus your energy on one or two different armies, and insist on having a complete collection instead of just a specialty tournament army, your army will be able to withstand the test of time and survive new rules and codices.

Quick and Painless Yriel Conversion

Dire Avenger Exarch + Dark Eldar head :)  I guess it's not so painless for the headless Dark Eldar Warrior...

Thrifty Jetbike Farseer and Warlock Conversions

Took a break from studying to upload a pic of my WiP Farseer and Warlocks on Jetbikes.  Pretty simple conversions really...

Warlock Torso: High Elf Archers
Warlock Sword: High Elf Archers / Seaguard
Warlock Head: Dark Elf Warriors
Farseer Torso: High Elf on Dragon Torso
Farseer Sword / Head: Dire Avenger Exarch

When it was all said and done the bits cost me less than $10, and I still have some left over to finish up a full squad of ten.

Purchased on eBay through seller hoard_*_bits