Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Update

Not too much new to report.  I've mainly been preoccupied with the hobby aspect of the game lately.  I'm working on getting the majority of my Dark Eldar primed red and ready for speed painting.  Ditto goes for my Eldar - I've been enjoying using a very basic Footdar list in 1,500 games so I figure it'd be worth the effort to get them to a tabletop standard as well. 

I'm also working on putting together a 1,500 Space Wolves army *gasp* from excess Marine stuff.  I've used it once, and played against it once and am just shocked at the sheer amount of firepower Space Wolves can put out.  For now, it's not a list I plan to use competitively, as it's so much more satisfying to get a win with Eldar or Dark Eldar.

I am getting ready for a number of tournaments and have actually mapped out five I'm hoping to attend in the coming months (school, work and significant other permitting...):

2/19 - 1,850 Realm RTT; Brea, CA
3/26 - 1,500(?) Pair-A-Dice Games RTT; Vista, CA
4/16(?) - 1,850 Realm RTT; Brea, CA
5/21 -  1,500 Sprue Posse RTT; Santa Monica, CA
5/27-28 - 2,000 Slaughter in Space GT; Ontario, CA

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