Monday, January 17, 2011

2,000 Points of Dark Eldar Ready to Go!

So in the past week I've been feverishly painting to get my mishmash of primed and bare plastic Dark Eldar to a uniform scheme.  As I mentioned in my previous post, this isn't intended to be the end product, but a simple scheme with 3-colors that most certainly looks better than stuff that is just primed. 

Enough of that and onto the list!  After play-testing this list for the past week or so I'm comfortable with the list and feel it has a good, balanced attack.  I'm 2-1 against Eldar, Tyranids and Blood Angels, with the loss coming against BA in a KP mission.

We Feel Very Little Pain...

Vect - 240 Rides with Wracks
Heamonculi (Venom Blade) - 55 Rides with Wyches

3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Venom; +SC, NS) - 156
3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Venom; +SC, NS) - 156
3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Venom; +SC, NS) - 156

10 Wracks (2 Liquifiers, Acothyst w/ Agonizer; Raider NS) - 220
9 Wracks (Acothyst w/ Agonizer; Raider NS) - 190
9 Wyches (Hekatrix w/ Agonizer; Raider NS) - 190
5 Warriors (1 Blaster; Venom +SC) - 125
5 Warriors (1 Blaster; Venom +SC) - 125

1 Ravager (NS, FF) - 125
1 Ravager (NS, FF) - 125
1 Ravager (NS, FF) - 125

Total: 1,988
21 KP
12 Dark Lances
11 Blasters
10 Splinter Cannons

I have 12 points to play with which will either go for a Liquifier for the Heamonculi, or Flickerfields for Vect's Raider. 

What I like about it:
  • Vect is in the list which ensures me a great chance of going first.  He's also a MEQ killer in close combat.  Supported by Wracks gives him FNP and makes him harder to shoot up if his transport gets shot down.
  • 3 close combat squads that start with FNP to claim enemy objectives. 
  • 2 extra scoring units that can sit back, lay out anti-infantry fire and have anti-tank capabilities.
  • 23 lance weapons should be enough anti-tank. 
  • I have enough Venoms to reliably deal with infantry (Long Fangs and Lootas) at range.
What I don't like about it:
  • Lack of Flickerfields on Raiders.  I've been using these since the new Codex came out, but have found great utility in Night Shields and using Terrain in order to grant myself cover saves.  Still, I miss my 5+ invulnerables.
  • Agonizers on Wracks - while I like Agonizers and Wracks, 20 points is a lot for a model that won't get the benefit for +1 ccw.  If I drop both Agonizers I free up enough points to give all my Raiders Flickerfields and two Troop Venoms Night Shields.  It's tempting but against FNP armies I could really use the Agonizer attacks.
  • 21 KP.  Of course KP are going to be an issue, but with Night Shields I can help minimize them.  I've been doing fairly well against my opponents in KP missions, but it's difficult for me to get a win.  I have to kill so much more than my opponent.

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