Thursday, January 27, 2011

1,500 Dark Eldar for Mini-GT

Well another weekend, another tournament.  This time it's at the LA Battle Bunker.  After considering bringing my Footdar out, I've opted to go with the Dark Eldar once again.  Aside from the first tournament I played with them I've yet to crack into the top spots - here's hoping that changes sooner than later! 

The scoring will be based on the old Games Workshop Grand Tournament scoring - meaning there's sportsmanship, army composition, painting, battle points and a pub quiz.  I haven't had the time to do any more details to my army so while the best overall prize will probably be out of my grasp, I hope to make a run for most battle points.  It won't be easy, and the competition will be fierce, but it should make for another fun Saturday.

On to my list:

Succubus (Agonizer) - 85
Haemonculi - 50

3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Venom; +SC, NS) - 156
3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Venom; +SC, NS) - 156

5 Warriors (1 Blaster, Venom; +SC) - 125
5 Warriors (1 Blaster, Venom; +SC) - 125
10 Wracks (2 Liquifier, Agonizer, Raider; NS) - 220
8 Wyches (Haywires, Agonizer, Raider; NS) - 196

Ravager (NS, FF) - 125
Ravager (NS, FF) - 125
Ravager (NS, FF) - 125

Total: 1,488 - just enough to add a flickerfield somewhere.
17 KP
11 Dark Lances
8 Blaster
8 Cannons
  • I think the firepower for this list is excellent.  19 lance weapons, combined with 48 36" poisoned shots per turn is pretty nice.  My 2,000 point list only had 4 more lances and 12 more poisoned shots.
  • Where my firepower is strong, my close combat is weaker.  Not having Vect is huge, but he's just not feasible in anything under 1,850.  I'm relying on 2 assault units with FNP and a Succubus.  Needless to say I won't be jumping into combat until I've gotten off a few rounds of shooting.
  • I have four Troop choices, which is a nice luxury at this level.  If my opponent only brings two and it's an objective game, they will almost certainly be my first targets.  The Warrior squads hang back to guard my objectives, while the FNP combat troops try to capture my opponents.
  • My Wyches have Haywire grenades!  This is another nice luxury.  My opponent will be less likely to send a Dreadnaught in just to tarpit - if they do there will be consequences.
  • 17 KP is quite a few at this level, but if I play this army right I will make my opponent work to get those KP. 
  • An alternative for this army list is to drop a 5-man squad of Warriors in a Venom along with the Succubus in exchange for a 10-man Wrack squad.  I lose 12 poisoned shots, but gain another solid Troop (with 30 poisoned attacks on the charge).  3 CC squads with FNP is nothing to scoff at in a 1,500 point game.  Guess I'll have to do more play-testing!

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