Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Footslogging Dark Eldar WWP List

Howdy everybody!  I'm feeling pretty comfortable with my mechanized Dark Eldar list.  I win more games than lose, but haven't been able to find the right combination to make it a truly lethal list.  Kill Point missions in particular have been my downfall.  To help exercise my creative juices, I'm going to try running a WWP footslogging list against both Mech Guard and Blood Angels.  While I doubt that I'll be running a full foot list in any competitive event, I'm hoping to figure out a way to pool the best from both list types in order to create a new personal tier of Dark Eldar list.

On to the list...

3 Heamonculi (2 WWP, 3 VB) - 235

5 Harlequins (Shadowseer, 2 Fusion Pistol) - 140
10 Grotesques - 350

2x10 Wracks (2 Liquifier, Acothyst) - 260
2x10 Warriors (Syrabite, Cannon, Blaster) - 250

4 Beast Masters (5 Khymera, 6 Razorwing) - 198
4 Beast Masters (5 Khymera, 6 Razorwing) - 198

Talos (Chain Flails, Heat Lance)- 120
Talos (Chain Flails, Heat Lance)- 120
Talos (Chain Flails, Heat Lance)- 120

Total: 1,991

Here's how I envision the list working...

Two Heamonculi start with the Harlequins (so they can't get shot at first turn via Veil of Tears).  They'll deploy in a line formation 2" apart so the Heamonculi should be starting around 10-12" apart.  During my first turn, one detaches and move 6" toward my deployment / home objective.  The other moves with the Harlequins 6" up towards the enemy.  This gives me two portals that should be anywhere from 18-24" apart - I want them close enough so if my opponent tries to be smug and block one, the stuff coming out of the other can rain on his parade.  If they block both, then stuff coming in from the board edge should reach him as well.

Acothysts are there for the +1 Ld - I may give them a Venom Blade or Agonizer in the long run just haven't decided yet.

The third Heamonculi starts with the Grotesques.  More Heamonculi will join up with them or my foot Warriors (granting them FNP).  In general, Wracks will move towards my opponents objective, while Warriors will play defense.

I clearly don't have the ranged anti-tank required to take on most armies, but 2 Beast units, Grotesques and 3 Talos should minimize that.  If I find that CC doesn't do it for me I'll try investing in Scourges and Jetbikes to get as many mid-range anti-tank weapons as possible.

Call me a nerd but I also like the fluff, given that Harlequins are masters of the Web-Way and all.

Like I said, this probably won't develop into my competitive list or replace my mechanized list.  I am hoping that by running a list like this it opens my eyes to new unit combinations in the Codex.

Thoughts?  Has anyone out there successfully run a WWP list with the new Codex?  Or has anyone developed a list that is truly lethal even in KP missions?  Please share!

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  1. I love the idea of deploying portal carriers with Harlies- never occurred to me before. Certianly have to try that little gem out!