Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MSU Dark Eldar at 1,250?

I'm planning on attending an RTT down at Pair-a-Dice Games in Vista, CA on March 26.  The last RTT I attended there was fun, but had some really wacky missions.  Missions in which all force organization slots could control objectives.  I also know that in the event of a tie, they go to KP's to determine the winner and at the end of the tournament, the individual with the best record and most KP's wins.

This RTT seems to follow the same format, but the point level has been decreased from 1,500 to 1,250.  The plus side is that it'll be easier to get 4 games in, the downside is that I haven't played a 1,250 point game since second edition.

Based on my last experience there I expect to see quite a few Marine armies, with a few Xenos scattered here and there.  As I mentioned, I haven't played a 1,250 game yet, nor have I really utilized the Fast Attack slot, so this army is still in its early stages.

1,250 Bare Bones Max Firepower Dark Eldar:

Haemonculi (hex rifle) - 65

4 Trueborn (4 blasters) in Venom (+SC)- 173
4 Trueborn (4 blasters) in Venom (+SC)- 173

5 Warriors (1 blaster) in Venom (+SC) - 125
5 Warriors (1 blaster) in Venom (+SC) - 125
3 Wracks in Raider - 90
3 Wracks in Raider - 90

3 Reavers (blaster, arena champion) - 91

Ravager - 105
Ravager - 105
Ravager - 105

Total: 1,247
17 KP
11 Dark Lances
11 Blasters
8 Splinter Cannons

This army is very fragile and gives up a ton of kill points, so the obvious goal is to win the objective game outright by contesting /controlling with my multitude of units, and wrack up as many KP's as possible.  I'm very nervous about not having vehicle upgrades, but it's something I want to try out anyway.


  1. Hi,

    Strange as it may seems, but the lists seems a bit too much msu.

    I think 4 Trueborn with blasters is a bit too much for the small points value. You could save 54 pts if you dropped to 3 Trueborn in each squad. I would use that to fill out the troop choices so they are more likely to hold objectives. I'd say more wracks, but it depends of you have the models.

    I'm also concerned about the very small bike squad. Again maybe more troops are better, eg. upgrading one of the warrior squads to a large wych squad in a raider and buying a few more wracks.

    Doing both these changes you've only lost the small bike squad, but you have much stronger troop choices. Dark Eldar are a better multiple large units army, as they don't have the resilance of MEQs.

    Just my opinion from my experience so far.

    Good luck for the tournament.


  2. I'd be happy to drop the bikes, but this tournament has weird missions in which you need all force organization choices in order to really compete (i.e. Fast, Elites and HQ can claim objectives as well in some scenarios).

    I'd also agree this list is MSU happy, but it's something I'd like to play-test just to see if it works. If it doesn't I'll probably drop 2 blaster Trueborn and a small Wrack squad to get some vehicle upgrades and a 10-man Wrack or Wych squad.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm interested to see how this list evolves through play-testing.