Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dark Eldar Test Run

Greetings!  I ran two trial games using the new Dark Eldar rules last night (from best memory).  Don't have time for a detailed write-up, but I must say I was impressed.  I tied against both Chaos and Blood Angels using a pretty tame Dark Eldar list.

2 Haemonculi; liquifier gun, agonizer

2x5 Wracks; liquifier gun, champion upgrader with agonizer
2x10 Wyches; 2xshardnet & impaler, champion upgrade with agonizer
-Mounted in 4xRaiders; night shields, flicker fields

6xJetbikes; 2 blasters

2xRavagers; 3 DL, flicker fields, night shields
1xRavager; 3 Dissy, flicker fields, night shields

-The combination of Wracks and Wyches worked fantastically.  2 Flamer templates, 10 splinter pistols and a bunch of agonizer & poison attacks would erase a Marine squad.
-Wyches were good at bogging down Marine squads on their own - but suffered against assault marines with IC's attached.
-Flicker fields are going to appear on all my vehicles.  Night shields were beneficial too; especially against melta's. 
-I don't know how to use Jetbikes effectively yet :(
-Ravagers still put out a good amount of firepower.  Disintegrators may have been nerfed, but they still kill 4+ Marines a turn when mounted on a Ravager.

Next week I'm going to try some standard Warriors and see how poison shooting works out :) 


  1. That's certainly not the list I would have come up with. It's interesting to see another approach. What drew you to the Haemonculi over an archon?

    I think I would have gone archon and incubi, if only because those new models are fantastic. I'll be keeping your list in mind when I make my own. With all of the units to choose from I'll have to make sure I don't forget to try out different varieties of army builds.

    Have you started painting your DE yet? All those old school models are going to look awesome.

  2. I went with the Heamonculi for two reasons, first was to get Wracks as troops, and second was because their rules and special weapons were easy to remember in comparison with the Archon's. In my next list I will probably drop the Jetbikes and a Troops choice in favor of an Archon and Incubi / Retinue for a close combat death star unit.

    I'm still tinkering with different paint schemes and haven't decided on one I really like. Good news is I got my airbrush to work again (temporarily), so I may try to use that.

    Another option I'm planning to try are a Hellion based list - I have 11 of the old models, and have converted 9 more from Raider spikey bits, Warriors and splinter rifles.